Palestinian Man Who Attempted to Stab Soldiers in West Bank Shot, Killed:::'Blossom' Star Mayim Bialik Makes Controversial Statement About Trump Inauguration:::Jewish Human Services Agencies Merge to Create Umbrella Group:::Trump Appoints Jared Kushner's Friend to Serve as Presidential Assistant:::Obama Was, For Better or Worse, the Face of Liberal Zionism

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    Source Headline Title Trump’s UN envoy pick set to rip its Israel bias in Senate hearing
    Arutz 7 Widow of Orlando shooter charged in relation with attack
    Arutz 7 White House: Manning commutation unrelated to concerns over WikiLeaks
    Arutz 7 At Holocaust Museum, a virtual encounter with a Syrian refugee
    JPOST Palestinian, 44, killed during attempted stabbing attack Israel raises height of fence on Egypt border
    Arutz 7 Trump appoints friend of Kushner to serve as assistant
    Arutz 7 WikiLeaks welcomes commute of Manning sentence
    Arutz 7 Ambassador Shapiro: No relationship is perfect, even one between best friends Hamas, Fatah announce deal to form Palestinian unity government



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