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Join the ILTV COMMUNITY, so you can have an impact on what the channel broadcasts every day, and fight back against the mainstream media’s coverage of Israel.

Become one of thousands of ILTV partners who are already influencing the channel’s programming.

When you turn on mainstream news, all you see regarding Israel is bad news. Whether its politics or security, most international coverage of the Holy Land presents a dire picture. At ILTV, we present the world with the real Israel. Our goal is to tell the unique stories of the people, places, and organizations that make Israel the incredible nation that it is. And we want YOU to help us choose what stories and topics to cover.

When you become an ILTV partner, you will get to vote on, suggest and decide the stories that you want to see broadcasted. Your voice will become a part of ILTV’s news coverage.

Are you upset that the mainstream media doesn’t present the world with the real Israel?

Well, here’s how you can help change that. Become an ILTV partner so you can help influence and create the type of Israel content you want the world to see.

ILTV is a cooperative TV channel with a mission: to make the voice of the people heard, when it comes to Israel.

Our innovative format allows our regular viewers and participants to actually determine what topics and stories ILTV will cover. What questions should our ILTV anchors ask during interviews? What’s important to focus on?

ILTV wants our viewers to participate in making these choices, so that the content reflects what you really want to learn about.

Our unique channel has been in operation since August of 2015, and has been built by some of the most passionate professionals around the world.

We need community support to help us create more original content, so that we can share every part of Israel with the world through our news.

For us, communication goes two ways. We want to hear what you have to say. We want you to influence what we broadcast, because we UNDERSTAND that presenting the world with the real ISRAEL requires COMMUNITY.


* includes an ongoing membership and can be canceled at any time! 

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