Birthright Adds Game-Changing Element :::French Authorities Evacuate Shopping Center Amid Bomb Scare:::900-Year-Old Lamp Discovered By Jogger:::Gay Activists Plan on Marching in Muslim Ghetto in Sweden:::'In Next War, Thousands of Rockets Will Hit in Heart of Israel'

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    Arutz 7 S&P downgrades Britains credit rating following Brexit 40 years later, youngest Entebbe survivors tearfully recall hijacking, rescue Youngest Entebbe survivors tearfully recall hijacking, rescue
    Arutz 7 Arabs throw rocks at Rachels Tomb
    Huffington Post- Religion These Vintage Jewish Summer Camp Photos Will Make You Miss Childhood
    Yahoo! News Turkey mends fences with Israel and Russia in foreign policy reset
    Washington Post- Mid. East Turkish president apologizes for downing of Russian warplane last year
    Arutz 7 Man in his 60s dies in accident in Rishon Lezion
    Debka Israeli-Turkish accord: core of new lineup vs Iran England kicked out of Europe, days after it voted to leave EU




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