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      Get live updates from www.kolbonews.com Timesofisrael.com Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Indiana
        Arutz 7 Trump moves closer to nomination with win in Indiana
        Timesofisrael.com Palestinians suspend security talks with Israel, to reconsider ties
        JPOST Hazan admits to frequenting strip clubs
        JPOST ‘J’lem paying heavy price for clash with Obama over Iran’
        Arutz 7 Kuwaiti airline stops flights over anti-Israel discrimination
        Arutz 7 Man who was injured in Jezreel Valley accident dies of injuries
        Timesofisrael.com Trump: Israel should keep building West Bank settlements
        Yahoo! News SEAL death shows growing risks US troops face in Iraq, Syria
        JPOST Bar-Ilan Univ. bans women singing in memorial ceremony
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